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The Best Watch Buying Guide- Beginners Guide

watch buying guide

With the way phones, tablets and the likes have now taken over technology; one might think the need for wristwatches might have depreciated over time. At the invention of wristwatches, quite a while after and even till now, a lot of people have assumed that its only function is time tracking.

As a result of this belief, anyone would have thought that watches would go way out of vogue since mobile phones can perform its primary function. Surprisingly, that isn’t the case; instead, it has never been more in fashion than it is now.

A lot of people are more interested in it now, because of its exhilarating effect on appearance as an accessory. In other to get a wristwatch that would give you exactly a look you need, here are a few a few tips that can help you get just the perfect watch.

How to Buy The Best Watch- Beginners Guide

Here are 5 things to consider when choosing the best wrist watch for men or women.

1. How well do you know the Model?

There are over a hundred and more models of watches scattered everywhere in the market. Knowing the exact model you like, would go a long way in guiding your choice. For whichever model or brand, you’ve chosen, ensure research and gather enough information about the model. For example If you Skagen Denmark watches & want to get a watch, you have to get to know are skagen watches good? Then you should move forward.

This is necessary for others to get conversant with its functions and features and also its cost. While choosing, make sure you get a watch that fits your wrist size. For a wide or big wrist, get a watch with large dials, for smaller wrists, a watch with small sized dial would do.

2. What Shapes Are Preferable?

Watch dials come in various shapes, but the most common is the round, oval and square dials. Putting the form of the watch dial into consideration is necessary. Despite the fact, that there are a lot of dial shapes outside the popular ones which might look good.

These other shapes cannot be worn to formal events. Therefore, while buying big-budget watches, it is necessary to choose between the popular and standard forms.

3. What Colors Are Suitable?

Going for a formal event, all dressed up, then putting on a very loud color of the watch wouldn’t look nice. Getting the most suitable color of a watch is very important. Neutral colors like the metallic or a brighter shade are usually preferable.

This is because these colors are versatile and can fit perfectly into any outfit and event. If you still insist on getting a brightly colored watch, you can do so, only that its use would be limited only to casual occasions and certain outfits.

4. Digital or Analog?

digital vs analog watch

There are two significant types of wristwatch you should consider when planning to get a watch. The two models are digital and analog watches. Before choosing a watch, it is essential to access your needs, what you require of it and the look you want to attain. This is necessary because of the striking differences between the analog and digital watches. These differences are in cost, design, features and so on.

For an elegant and classy look, an analog watch would do. Meanwhile, for a casual, laid back or sporty look, a digital watch would do. In getting either of these types of watch, the cost might also play a role, as analog watches tend to be more pricey compared to digital watches.

5. How About the Type of Strap?

Wristwatch straps or bands are usually made of a variety of materials. Some of which are plastic, leather, rubber, metals, cloth or even a combination. Although some of the most popular ones are the stainless steel straps, crocodile straps and rubber straps. While choosing a watch, it is always important to take note of the type of strap the watch has.

The material isn’t the only thing to consider, but also the size. The size is measured in two dimensions which are the width and length, and they are both measured in millimeters.  To get a strap that fits you correctly, the vendor can help assist you by measuring your wrist with tape and doing so for the watch.

Watches in addition to their primary time tracking functions, act as an essential accessory. To get a suitable, durable and cool watch, you would have to be deliberate about your choice. Following this guideline would help you choose a befitting watch.